Sibcoon’s is a small family cattery in Laihia, Western Finland.

Sibcoon's first litter born in summer 2003.
I have bred 7 litters in FIFE.
Breeder Name SIBCOON'S is approved in CFA 20.10.2011.
The first CFA registered litter born 31.12.2011.

In my breeding I seek the breed characterized by a strong types, inheritance, and a healthy lovable character.

I co-operate with few other breeders in Finland and abroad. Jointly investigate the exact pedigrees of our breeding, evaluate the types of cats and compliances and health test accordingly prior mating.

Every litter I plan carefully and make clear targets which serves breeding and the breed itself.
My cats are sovereign family members and thus socialised and attached to everyday life.
Take for a walk under the watchful eye – a harness or cat yard.